Too slow…!


Last night hubby didn’t come home until late so wasn’t able to go for a bike ride after all…!  And in frustration after a little tiff made me eat something… and of course… went for the cupboard with chocolate and ended up eating 4 of these:

and then 1 of those mini Lebkuchleins and a dark rocher chocolate… and then I stopped myself from eating any more… was bad enough…!  And an old habit of grabbing food when feeling emotionally bad!

Next day stepped on the scales and lost 100g, probably those extra calories that I ate last night.. but all in all this time round the weight loss is really going VERY SLOW!  TOO SLOW for me but will try to stay on track and not be put off!

Although not so warm, all in all lovely day:

but the white line 3/4 up the picture is FOG!  Meet a lovely woman and her dog whom Daisy and I last saw before the summer holidays and we chat very nicely along the way also making the time go quickly!

No work today so after my shake for breakfast went for my 45 mins treadmill and 45 mins swimming and for lunch went for a fantastic Thai:


its near Gasteig and called Manam.. it’s a tiny place with only 4 tables, you always have to wait and usually share a table BUT THE FOOD IS SO YUMMY:


first a YAM GAI TAKRAI – blanched chicken with fresh lemon grass, chili, roasted coconut flakes, red onion, peanuts and coriander and SAM TAM THAI papaya salad Thai style with dried shrimp, tomato, peanuts and chili with a diet coke… VERY DELICIOUS, although I ate all the papaya salad which was mostly papaya (vegetables) which I don’t think was bad but with the Yam gai takrai I ate all the chicken and bits but left 3/4 of the rice, unfortunately they whipped the plate away before I could photograph it for here!

Then straight from the Thai I went for a bike ride to the Zoo… this meant a really steep hill… well steep for me, but I couldn’t photograph it as didn’t want to stop at the bottom because I had just come down a little hill beforehand and needed the momentum the get up the steep hill… I didn’t want to stop half way as I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get going again… and at the top I was so glad to have made I didn’t dare get off the bike as I thought I’d collapse and not be able to go on..!

But just to prove I was there:




Then when I got home walk with Daisy!

where I saw this.. how many bikes are supposed to fit in this small place… FOUR?

After the walk I went to the market round the corner (on Thursdays!):

and at the egg and chicken breast stall nicked ONE (Gummibears) of these:

I asked the lady serving me if they were for everyone or just kids… and she answered “they are for the kids IN ALL of US..!”.

Unfortunately I bought this at the market too… it’s called a Streezel.. (no idea how to translate that…!), its like a doughnut but much more fried-y i.e. very oily.. but very nice and it also has raisins in it… I KNOW, I KNOW I shouldn’t have and you’re RIGHT, I SHOULDN’T HAVE!   But I only ate this much:

the left hand bit not the right hand side!

After picking up my daughter from school and sorting her out, a friend called and asked if I wanted to come for a diet coke… as we hadn’t chatted in ages…!  After this I brought my daughter and hubby a pizza as had got quite late and then off I went to the cinema after eating a big bar for my dinner (instead of a shake!), on me bike to see 2 films – as compensation for not being able to go to the sneak tomorrow as hubby going to the Octoberfest…!  I went to see The Debt and Attack the block, both very good!  Oh I did have another bite of the above when offering it to my hubby to finish and I did eat 2 tiny pizza crusts… But that was all I snacked on today, apart from the Streezel above!   Let’s see the scales tomorrow and see if still SLOWWWWW weight loss!  TTFN

P.S.  Forgot to say I ate an apple and forgot the table today… it will be back tomorrow!


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