Thank god its Friday… although I am not going to the Sneak as usual tonight, but still TGIF!

Walk in the morning was nice as usual but only Daisy for company!

Work and work out:

Before breakfast dog walk




in gym


After lunch

dog walk



Bike ride


dog walk

 55 mins


45 m tread mill

45 m swimming

 Tandoori Wrap

with Salad

 45 mins along the Isar

 1 apple    1 pc bread, butter and cheese  30 mins to post office  Visitors sono time for walk

This was my salad and tandoori wrap, salad really nice, wrap a bit boring, not tandoori enough!

After lunch, Daisy walk for 45 mins and then I had to go and pick up a parcel which didn’t fit in the PackStation (parcel depot thingy) which was miles and miles away…. ok only 30 mins away, but much further than I anticipated anyway!

As a snack and after the stupid post office bike run where I was little hungry – ate a piece of bread, butter, cheese and an apple:

My daughter came home early today on her own… a big thing for her!  Then her friend came to play and they were outside a while… for rest of day I will have to let you know tomorrow as have to entertain the girls!  Sorry not so much today but seem to be busy with stuff!  TTFN

P.S.  Only another 100g today.. really is going too slow for me @ the moment, but am persevering!


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