Is it Wednesday or Thursday…?


Been so busy with the blog I’ve lost a day and have been thinking since Monday that it is one day later… so today is Wednesday right?  Yes!

I’ve decided on a new tactic for the blog or rather a new layout… No idea if it is going to work.  This is it:

Before breakfast dog walk

Breakfast Sports/Fitness in gym Lunch After lunch dog walk Dinner Bike ride

Evening dog walk

 1 hour in the English Garden  Shake with 3 strawberries and 1/3 banana

 45 treadmill

45 swimming

 See photos below a mixed plate from a stand in the market delicious! Falafel  and diverse salady bits  with pita bread  45 mins dog walk along Isar  Shake with 1/2 banana  35 walk in Hofgarten
 Just before dog walk had 2/3 of a banana, after dog walk an apple and after picking up my daughter 2 Lebkuchchen (!) – oops chocolate!

And then the rest of the day here!  Let’s see how it goes and if you have any comment about it please DO COMMENT!

So today has started well, only 200g on the scales not much but (again!) better down than up!  And it was a beautiful day on the walk and it is supposed to be 20°C today and for the next few days too!

I have a theory that the government or the powers that be in the world have a special thing in space that controls the weather and makes it be nice when it has to be!

So @ the moment it has to be nice weather for the tourists to go to the Octoberfest and da da its nice!  The thing that makes it nice weather is a sort of humongous shield in space which captures the sun’s rays above the clouds and projects them onto Munich and the Octoberfest!  Well, what do you think?  …. well it is weird that it is so often good weather during the Octoberfest!


Sunny day in the English Garden @ morning walk!

@ work today so – busy!  Then fitness, walk, taking my daughter to piano lessons etc etc!

Here’s my yummy lunch photo:


the Falafel, diverse salads and turkey donner meat and humus and LOADS of stuff, in fact it was too much for me but I still ate on until this

was left!  Not much, but one Falafel and a load of sauce so STILL!  Mind you, I did have a bit of a tummy ache afterwards, obviously was too much!

The place I ate is in the Viktualien Markt in the centre of Munich and looks like this inside and out:


The place is called Sababa (for Munich-ers) and it’s not very posh @ all but delicious, try it out!

Then off to sports and this is the tv programme I watched on the treadmill – The Big Bang theory (funny stuff!?)

hard to see I know but still!  It’s the tv…!?!

I also played solitaire whilst treading on the mill…!:

again you can’t see very well!  You might be able to notice an outline of me with a white towel round my neck holding the camera…!

Here’s the stats at the beginning and near end of the session:


note how many calories I burnt up… it’s the top middle value…!  Cool eh!?

The view from the treadmill if you are not watching tv or playing solitaire is this:

its impossible for you to see but near the black  stick thing on the left next to the umbrella you can see 2 men on the roof of the building opposite carrying a piece of glass…!  Hair-raising stuff!

After fitness, Daisy and her afternoon walk:

and seeing a man fishing in the river… again hard to see, about a 1/4 way across from the left and about 3/4 way up the picture!

Daisy has had a haircut:

unfortunately she refused to look directly into the camera for you!  Sorry!

Dinner time was very hard… I really wanted to have some bread and cheese… or something other than a shake.. but I stayed strong and had my shake.

Then Daisy and I went out for a walk in the Hofgarten for about 35 mins.

I am planning on a bike ride too, but hubby not back from his bits and pieces yet… so will report tomorrow if I go!


P.S.  These are the 2 Lebkuchleinchen (real name Lebkuchen, but leinchen makes it little) that I had for a snack, they are available for Xmas but usually appear around Oktoberfest time:

they are small, a little bigger than a 2 pound coin but covered on one side with chocolate… it was to still my sweet longing for chocolate that I had in afternoon… but maybe if I had tried I would have managed… I shouldn’t have bought them in the first place really!


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