Only lost 100g yesterday but that’s fine better down than up and considering I’ve lost quite a bit already it’s fine!

Off for a walk with Daisy in morning, luckily no rain!  But COLD…!  Am contemplating getting my tights out already and long armed tops… now have T-shirt and cardigan!

Then SPORTS, FITNESS, SPORTS… my 45 mins treadmill and 45 mins swimming, was a bit hard to start with but got easier!

My lunch:

2 breaded Camembert with cranberry sauce, salad and 3 small pieces of bread (with a tiny amount of butter!) and filled up on the salad, was very good!

Then Daisy walk and along the way I bought some fruit:

Then along the Isar and although it wasn’t raining the Isar was really full:

and from the other side:

And Daisy:

Then it was bike ride time… obviously not straight away, I wrote above before I went for bike ride and now obviously back!  Bike ride was along the Isar to the Zoo for 48 mins!

Here the Isar was pretty full too!

a tree was even stuck!

In-between I had a protein bar – chocolate lemon one!

I fed my daughter and I didn’t fancy a shake tonight so had this lot…:

It was a bowl with strawberries (about 5) and a berry/white chocolate bar (just like a shake i.e. same amount of calories etc) but I knew that I wouldn’t feel ‘fulfilled’ with just that so ate 2 small slices of bread, butter, Marmite and cheddar cheese with 2 slices of apple and it was just right!

Then last walk of the day for 35 mins and this time I went earlier and it was so nice to go whilst it was still light!  Then home and relaxing and writing this!

But one last note about the title… it has got really cold… I am contemplating getting my tights etc out but as the next few days is going to be warmer again, I am trying to avoid the autumn/winter clothes mode!  But its was f#*+ing cold today…! TTFN


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