Well the rest of the day yesterday I ate an apple:

all nicely cut up and put into a sweet bowl as a snack!

Then I took Daisy for a walk in town and its was raining a bit!

This where The 3 Musketeers was filmed:

Then I was pretty busy @ home with household stuff and bureaucratic crap!  This resulted in my not being so hungry and as I had had my steak and potato which was quite a lot, I decided to have a bar instead of a shake in the evening, its more or less the same amount of calories!

In the evening Daisy and I went for walk:

here you can see the big church on Odeonsplatz in its greyness of rain etc!

So now to the changes in my life, like Garfield “I am going to change my life, from now on I am going to take my afternoon nap in the morning and my morning nap in the afternoon!”.  My change is that I am going to have a different side salad with my Goat cheese Flute today!

After our walk in the pouring rain:

You can’t see the rain here but it was definitely very grey and not so nice!

After the walk I ate a shake @ work and did some work!

Then after work I ate my goat cheese flute and da da dahhhh (something different):

a Courgette Salad with raisins, pine nuts and oil and spices!

Whilst buying I was a little naughty!

The shop where I buy the flute the usually put the last slice of the cake, cut into bits for the customers to try… and yes you’ve guessed it I had ONE piece… it was small but delicious!

After lunch did my sports, 45 mins treadmill and 45 mins swimming!  Felt a bit peckish after sports so ate a snack bar (but it has chocolate so niiiice!)

It’s a lemon bar covered in chocolate!

After swimming had to drop off something for work which I did on my bike, it had stopped raining so that’s why, only it wasn’t as far away as I thought… actually thinking about it when I last did the journey I had just got my bike and so wasn’t used to biking and it seemed so far away, but now being a seasoned biker it was really near, only took me 17 mins and then home via a supermarket and the post office doesn’t count really either as I kept stopping!

After that biking experience… I had another hot cross bun but this time there was a cross on it:

Now this is where the day gets interesting food-wise as I decided not to have my shake like I usually do in the evening and instead to have some silly noodles I had picked up a while ago:

I suppose they are like Pot Noodles but in a packet!

This was in the packet… the noodles are so light coloured you can hardly see them, they are white but you will notice them later, there was also freeze-dried vegetables the bottom packet and a sauce (next to the noodles).

Anyway, cooking:

in water in the pan, then

cooking with the paste!  It tasted quite good but obviously was not very filing and so ended up eating 2 very small slices of Olive Ciabatta Bread:

which tasted good!

Hubby had been to the Octoberfest and had brought our daughter some strawberries covered in chocolate on a stick, she only wanted one and hubby said I could have one, so in the spirit of the Octoberfest I ate one:

and it was quite nice!

Then last exercise of the day 30 mins in the Hofgarten with Daisy!

So my change of the day was courgette salad with my flute…!


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