Chucking it down..!


That’s English for really, really raining!  And that is what it is doing today and in Munich today is quite an important day as all the Breweries went on a parade through Munich with their beer in a horse and carriage and their employers dressed up in ‘Tracht’ which is the traditional Bavarian Clothes to wear, here are some impressions:

As you can see its not so nice when they are walking around with umbrella’s!

Here’s some horses with the beer!

Christian Ude (the Munich Mayor) with his Wife!

Here are the Hunters (and their lovely dogs!)


Here’s the ‘Schwarzer Peter’ (a Jester!) who puts black paste (!) on your nose and it’s supposed to bring luck!  Here’s my daugther’s nose – blackened!

I also took a couple of videos on my phone but haven’t found out how to download them yet, so they will follow, but only as an impression of how LOUD it was!

But before we went to the parade I had been for a dog walk in the English Garden and have to show you my trendy and very pretty shoes that I wear from Nike for my walk:

These are my SHOCKING PINK NIKE TRAINERS, with a pink background and black spots… they DO NOT fit with ANYTHING I have  but I like them!

Daisy and I went for a walk in the English Garden for just over an hour and we were lucky to not get caught in the rain… that didn’t start until the October Fest (Wiesn’) Parade later!

For breakfast I had my shake with strawberries and soya yoghurt and quark!

Then I had help hubby with some work whilst our daughter played around with a friend outside in the rain!  We managed to get a LOADS done and I really wish he would just sit down with me for an hour every week and then the business would look much better!

Anyway then we went to a steak house (Maredo) – its our traditional Sunday thing which we don’t always get around to doing but today we did!

ONE piece of very thin baguette dipped into the sour cream with chives EXACTLY 3 times was my starter and here are our steaks being grilled:

I had a Thigh Steak with a jacket potato and sour cream which arrived looking like this:

And ended up leaving the table like this:

So I left most of the potato and most of the sour cream, BUT I did NICK ONE of my daughters chips and one forkful of my hubby’s salad (consisting of 3 grains of sweetcorn, a tiny bit of coleslaw and a tiny square cube of feta cheese!) all along with the dreaded diet coke!  But I managed to leave some on the plate and I managed to eat slowly chewing a lot so I did feel full at the end!

Now I am doing housework, washing etc and will blog later or if I don’t manage then the rest of the day will be added tomorrow morning… oh and by the way (btw) I lost 400g since yesterday which is nearly a pound so things are going well in losing it in munich! TTFN


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