Fun, fun, fun on a Saturday with Kids….!


Well first I have a few bits from last night to mention!  I was going to the cinema which I did, BUT I went twice, once to see Le Havre which was very good and then at the Sneak it was The Guard, which was hilarious and brilliant although a bit spoiled by the Subtitles, which I tried to blend out by sliding down in the seat and putting my hand in the way!  Both films can be checked out on the International Movie Database @ .  Oh and I had ONE of these Rocher chocs before I went… I was worried that I would get the munchies being on the road so late and also fancied something sweet again… however I ONLY HAD ONE, not this whole packet!:

In between the films I went for a bike ride as I had 1 hour 15 in between films and as it was my night off didn’t want to waste it by going home in between!  So off I went on a bike ride – only problem was I decided to take the long way around and it was REALLLLY long but I couldn’t break it off in-between without making it even longer!  It took me 1 hour 7 mins… Only good thing was that it showed on the scale,s as since yesterday lost 1 kg!  Which is great and a GREAT motivation to keep going which is my problem.. that I don’t keep it up!

No real walk today, it’s a real problem @ weekends as I don’t really get to do so much sport and walking, so once round the block…then I bought a croissant in the wonderful french bakery round the corner and unfortunately I ate the ends… it’s just they are so good as they are not too buttery and very fluffy and light without giving you the feeling that you haven’t eaten anything like lots of fluffy white flour baking goods!

I JUST HAD TO eat the ends as my daughter doesn’t like them!  I then ate a bar instead of a shake (it’s the same calorie-wise but just in a bar instead of having to add milk etc to the shake!):

It’s a berry one with white chocolate… not @ all the stuff of breakfasts really but as it was more Brunch-time being late @ 11 it was ok!

Then we decided (or rather it was decided for me last night) to go to an indoor playground:

Where the decibel are pretty HIGH with all the kids screaming and having FUNN (I suppose, I hope!).

Whilst there I had my lunch, it was a boring salad – except the chicken bits so I left a few bits behind on the plate… which is very hard and well-known to be very hard as most kids (of my generation) were told to ‘bloody finish your plate’ or the CLASSIC ’20 African kids could live off that what you are leaving on your plate’ – which is probably absolutely true and I am by no means knocking that fact – but my brothers retort to that was always ‘well let’s send if off to them in a parcel…!’.  Anyway this was my salad:

lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, lots of herbs (from a packet I think!) and the chicken with 4 small pieces of baguette and the dreaded diet coke (more of that another time!).  However it was a bit much for me and this is what I left behind:

Ok, so not much was left behind but STILL!

The kids ate this, of which I am not proud to tell you I stole 5 of (then I told my daughter to slap my hand if I tried to get another one – an old arrangement my daughter and I have together!):

However my daughter and her friend didn’t finish theirs either thank goodness!

So after 3 hours we were allowed to leave (!) and we dropped my daughter’s friend off only to get a call from another asking if my daughter could play, which she did, which was great for me as meant I could go for a bike ride – my first sport of the day! But first I had a little snack as an energy boost before the bike ride!  It was a Rosinen Semmel (really a hot cross bun but without the cross on the top):

As you can see I cut the  hot x bun into bits so it would last longer and tried (mostly successful) to chew them a long time to make it last!

Then I went off for a ride along the Isar River for a long ride passing several bridges and crossing two:

Here’s the first bridge!

Just a view along the way

Real Nature (not!)


The Isar River


For Munich people -look at the signs for where I am!


The next bridge

The last bridge

Not really sure how many kilometers (miles) it is but it took me 1 hour 12 mins!

Then home where I ate my shake!

Would have gone for another bike ride but its started raining and storming a bit!  So off to new pastures tomorrow and fingers crossed for a big weight loss tomorrow.  TTFN!


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