My first Friday on the blog!


So how has my day been!  Walk in the morning for about an hour in the glorious sunshine

Here are some geese on the way!

Then my shake with strawberries.

I went to work and then to do some sports… first my 45 mins on treadmill and 45 mins swimming!  I thought I couldn’t do it as felt a bit sport-weary!  But managed it and was very proud of myself!

Then lunch

A french Flute with Goat cheese, truffle and honey and a chick pea salad with avocado, tomatoes and lots of herbs!

Here is the inside of the flute with the goats cheese and truffles and honey (although you can’t see the honey!)  Is very yummy the bittery goat’s cheese and the sweet honey!

Daisy and I then went for a walk for 50 mins and then I relaxed a bit!


This is the Friedensengel (Angel of Peace) made of gold which is on one of the bridges on the Isar, it’s very pretty!  The other picture is a graffiti picture in the tunnel under the Friedensengel!

I forgot to say yesterday that I had a bit of chocolate… YES CHOCOLATE but of the 16 pieces I only had 1:

Here you can see the rest 8 pieces which my daughter hasn’t eaten yet!  I ate it very slowly, letting it melt and trying to keep it in my mouth as long as possible, it was very nice!

As a snack a ate an Apple and a bit later 1/3 of a baguette with butter, Marmite (something english!) and cheddar cheese with a few slices of apple!

Weight wise I lost 400g so nearly a pound, so going well!

Then this evening I am eating a shake with banana and I am off to the Sneak Preview at the english cinema in Munich , for those who don’t know what it is check out the link!  More of that later or tomorrow if it gets too late!



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