Rest of the day..!


So after walk in morning and a bit of work… showing me face @ work and all that… I went to the gym!

First 45 mins on the treadmill:

There’s a tv on the treadmill but unfortunately only crap on, so ended up playing solitaire whilst treading the mill!

Then 45 mins swimming:

There’s is no tv in there so pretty boring!

Home and foooood!  I ate 2 Russian Pancake rolls which were filled with mincemeat and egg I think, it was delicious and I ate it with a tabluleh salad which was also delic’. Then I sinned and ate a Rosinen Schnecke – a pastry with raisins in it and usually it has icing on it but I bought it in the ‘good’ ‘low calorie’ and ‘made from good ingredients’ shop.  I sinned because I had already done so much sport and was worried that I would get the munchies in the afternoon so I suppose I was preparing myself!  Also I strictly believe you shouldn’t ban ALL SUGAR as otherwise you really will get a craving for it and end up having a BINGE and eating far far too much – in my experience of dieting and I have HAD LOADS OF EXPERIENCE!

Then it was walkies time:

This is nearly at the end of the walk and although it doesn’t look like it from the photo it is actually a bit steepish and I RAN up this!

Then home and after dealing with some bits and bobs I went for a bike ride.  It was supposed to be a shop but then on way back I took the long way around taking 35 mins.  Again a red face and sweating because I choose a route with lots of ups and downs making me REALLY WORK!

Back home and making dinner etc, again I HAD TO TRY my daughter’s Spätzle (a Bavarian type noodle, no idea what they are called in English) and sauce just to check they were cooked but I managed to just eat a few!  I had my shake with soya yoghurt, quark and strawberries for dinner!

Doggie and I then went for another walk for 35 mins and then I realised I had forgotten to buy my daughter a bread roll for her packed lunch so decided to go to the all night bakery and buy her one and of course took the long way home!

So a lot of hard work and exercise and it had paid of yesterday as I lost 800 g which is just over a lb!  Lets see what the scales say tomorrow! TTFN


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