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Hi everyone, first time here?  For me too!  My name is Katarina and I have created this blog to  follow my weight loss, for more information about me see the About ME!

I am in my early fourties (very careful there with my age!) and I live in Munich, I have a husband, a dog and a little daughter.

Last year 2010 I decided I couldn’t go any longer with my weight as it is and decided to diet.  I was a chubby child and although I was normal shortly before puberty @ 12, I started gaining weight steadily during my teens, so all in all I have been OVERWEIGHT ALL MY LIFE!  10 years ago I lost a lot of weight and had a stroke of bad luck (healthwise) which sent me spiraling back up.

I didn’t get to my highest weight but I realised that I have to stop before I get there!  I also had a dream with me at my death bed and my daughter in tears next to me and that motivated me to get going!  Then I had a good 2010 losing loads of weight but in February this year I had to do an exam / certificate for my husbands business which meant I couldn’t exercise and all in all was eating too much during the time I was learning which made my weight go up again.  NOW I am not at my highest and the dreaded 100kg (i.e. 3 digits!?!?) is still a bit away, but if I don’t do something NOW it will be near.  So this is my quest in my blog to DO IT and lose weight.

I am looking to lose @ least 20 kilos (40 lbs/2 stone 8lbs – if I have done my calculations right! 1 kg = 2lbs, 1 Stone = 14 lbs) with some kind of diet and LOTS of exercise as I have found this is the only thing that really works and after a while I actually enjoy sports!

I decided I needed some motivation, so I decided to start a blog to document how it is all going.

So what will you read on this blog – I will document what weight I have lost in the morning, what I ate and what exercise I have done and LOADS of other stuff thats swirling around in my head.  For some history of me and my weight loss please take a look @ About ME!

So how did I start today (I like the word ‘So’!):

First of all after getting up and taking my daughter to school, Daisy and I went for a walk, as it was absolutely pissing it down (!) we only went for 35 mins

After the walk I had my shake (more of that later) with soy yoghurt, quark, water and banana

In between I drank 1,5 L tap water (in my used Evian bottle filled up at the tap!)

After work I had a Goats Cheese Flute and a Tabuleh salad

Then I went for a walk with my dog Daisy (luckily for me it had stopped raining!) for about 40 mins

(this is my dog Daisy walking along the Isar)!

Then I really got going and went for a bike ride to the Munich Zoo along the Isar River (its pretty near so that why I am obsessed with the Isar!):

This was really hard, I hadn’t been for about 3 months on this route and it used to take me 35 mins and this time it took me 49 mins (although I did stop 3 times to take photos!) – more routes and pics later!  I came home with a red face and sweating but it was very lovely as it was so sunny!

this is about half way near the Zoo!

And this is about 3/4 of the way!

Back home and a little snack – a Lemon Protein Bar.

In between another 1,5 Litres of  tap water in my Evian bottle

Then back home and a 10 mins walk to pick up my daughter.

Then on the bike to the post office about 4 mins each way! (Don’t really count that!)

For dinner I had another shake (more in another post)

Then I couldn’t stop myself from eating some of my daughters dinner -noodles and cheedar cheese, but only a few mouthfuls!

Then the last exercise of the day – a dog walk through the city centre for 35 mins.

Now I have just had a cup of fruit t!

And now I am off to bed… I … TTFN (ta ta for now)


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  1. Hi Kat! Great idea this blog! Keep up the good work honey, it’s bound to work. You don’t fancy finding some step classes? or zumba maybe? Although I don’t see how you could fit them in…! xx

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